Ladies Thai Boxing

Attention All Women! Don’t Read This Unless You’ve Already Made Up Your Mind To Look Fantastic, Improve your Fitness & Health, Gain Amazing Confidence While Having A Whole Lot Of Fun.

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Well at the Academy we have a class just for you, and full of women just like you!

The Academy offers Muay Thai kickboxing classes especially for women - taught in a friendly and secure atmosphere, by some of the best instructors from the Christchurch kickboxing scene. Prepare to have your self confidence inspired, get fit and develop a sense of security and the ability to protect yourself.

You see…Muay Thai Kick boxing is a great way to: Ladies%20thai%202017 2

  • Keep fit
  • Manage your weight
  • Relieve stress
  • Gain confidence
  • Learn to look after yourself
  • Develop great health
  • Have fun
  • Make great new friends

As a woman of today you lead a busy, hectic life balancing your career, social life and family commitments.

Many of you have careers that require you to present yourself well to others, not with cuts and bruises from training, and you certainly can't afford the time off work or out of your business with injuries.

To really live and enjoy your life you need some time to relieve stress, attend to your fitness and spend time with others that enjoy working together to develop themselves in all areas of their life.

…and this is precisely what our Ladies Only Kick Boxing class is about - this class is for you, so you can still reap the value of martial arts training; benefits such as: - Regular exercise that promotes health; martial arts has been shown to be one of the best pastimes for this.

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- Weight management through martial arts training goes hand in hand with the health benefits - Develop friendships with women in a safe, fun atmosphere and don’t think that this is only for tough, competitive minded ladies – because it isn’t.
- Learn how to look after yourself, dispel fears of being attacked by equipping yourself with awesome self defense skills. The skills learned will provide you with extremely effective self defense that leads to greater confidence and thus enjoyment of life enabling you to become who you want to be and to realize you full potential - Develop a self disciplined mindset for training that will give you the strength and courage to go the extra mile when needed. Thai kick boxing can provide all of this, with increasing numbers of woman taking this up to look after themselves and experience the benefits.

Thai%20boxing%20programs%202017 4Muay Thai Kickboxing can give you all of this and at the Academy of Combat we have a Ladies’ Only class just for you. You’ll meet and train with like-minded woman forging enduring friendships that extend far beyond The Academy.In addition, for those woman who do want more challenge and more training you are also able to train in the mixed classes as well when you wish.

Maybe you’ve been to fitness gyms before and done the aerobics and maybe even weight training, however, in time you just lost interest in doing the same old thing ultimately losing your motivation because there wasn’t the all-round mental and physical challenge.

Training Muay Thai there is always something new to learn, you are constantly working to refine your moves, acquiring the balance and coordination that will give you the fluidity of movement.

This will manifest in all areas of your life as you carry yourself better and move with grace. These attributes pay huge dividends as you age maintaining your health and strength that in turn results in you being able to survive the knocks that sometimes threaten our well-being.

Maybe you’ve even thought of doing kickboxing but felt you would look silly or you would have to do it with men all around you...well now that excuse is gone as this class is only for women.

..or your fitness is way down and you make the excuse "I'll get fit first then I'll go"- well that time will never come, you've got to get into it now!! The longer you leave it the harder it gets and the less likely you'll ever do it. Embrace life, enjoy great fitness, manage your weight and still enjoy life, thrive in your social and business life with greater confidence and start living life to your full potential!

So what are you waiting for?

Stop making those excuses and get into women’s Thai kickboxing training today, just call our friendly receptionists at the Academy on (03) 377 6350 and make a time to see one of our program directors and learn about how you can get started on the road to the life-enhancing, addictive pastime of martial arts.