What is Mixed Martial Arts?

Mixed Martial Arts is a realistic, total fighting concept incorporating all aspects of striking and grappling both standing and on the ground. Training includes Muay Thai kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and wrestling taught by some of the most experienced practitioners in New Zealand. The Christchurch MMA school at the Academy was the first of its kind in NZ and all students are welcome whether you want to learn MMA for fun, fitness or competition.

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The Academy offers a unique, radical and innovative approach to teaching Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and MMA known as the Open Training Format. This has proved very popular with our students as it focuses on their learning needs as individuals. We feel this is important as everyone should develop their own fighting style as not all techniques suit every body type or game plan.


This revolutionary method is only possible due to the depth of knowledge and vast experience of the Academy instructors which include a 3rd Degree BJJ black belt, a black belt and a brown belt (who took part in some of the first MMA matches held in New Zealand). The Academy also hosts regular in-house workshops with 5th Degree BJJ black belt John Will and 8th degree red and black belt Rigan Machado, keeping us at the forefront of grappling instruction.

MMA Class Video

Some footage of our MMA students training striking to takedowns, no gi grappling and dealing with ground striking.

Testimonials From BJJ & MMA Students

...Since I left New Zealand I spent 3 years in Japan training with high level MMA and BJJ names like Shinya Aoki (No.2 ranked lightweight in the world, Shooto world champion, Deep champion, Dream Champion, BJJ black belt etc) Satoru Kitaoka (Sengoku world champion), Masanori Kanehara (Dream world champion) and Dai Yoshioka (BJJ mundials blackbelt world champion) and found the training I received from Geoff held me in good stead.

Although I never competed in MMA again I've found success as a grappler including multiple medals in various high profile BJJ tournaments in Tokyo up to Purple Belt level. The highlight so far was representing Great Britain at the World Grappling Games in Turkey in 2007. I am currently based in London and train out of the London Shootfighters gym which boasts some of the top grapplers in the UK as well as several top UFC prospects.

The whole point of this is to say that without you guys I never could have done any of this and my life would definitely not have been as rewarding as it has been. Win or lose MMA/BJJ has taught me to aim high, never give up and that every problem has a solution and for that I'm forever grateful.

-Bennet Jarvi

I love it, the classes are fun people are friendly and always willing to help. The instructors are always happy to take the time to coach and assist your development.

-Jono Huntley

A hidden treasure in the heart of Christchurch. It would be difficult to find a more motivating environment. Thanks to Chief, Jason, Scott and crew.

-David Williams

It will be the best thing you've ever done! They offer a lot and you get back a lot. It's great.

-Luke Johnson