Muay Thai Kickboxing

Modern Thai Kickboxing is a martial art that uses fists, elbows, knees and legs to strike with. In addition clinching and throwing of the opponent is utilized. The Academy of Combat was the first Muay Thai school in the South Island of NZ, formed in 1983 by the chief instructor, Dr Geoff Aitken who introduced Thai Boxing to the South Island; a former fighter he has been trained in Thailand and been awarded Thai Boxing referee and judge certification.

Geoff and his instructors have continued to develop their knowledge and refine their expertise by training in Thailand, hosting workshops and producing students that have competed at the highest levels both Nationally and Internationally. In addition, Geoff and Leonie have actively promoted Thai Boxing for the past 20 years in the Christchurch region for those that wish to take part in competition. A student can be assured that all Muay Thai Training at the academy is taught by qualified and experienced Muay Thai trainers who represent the best Christchurch Kickboxing has to offer. A student can learn and train Muay Thai at the Academy for fitness, self-defense or competition. The majority of students at the Academy train for fitness and self-defense, for which Thai Boxing is ideally suited.

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When you train in Thai Boxing you are not only practicing a great and fun way to keep fit, but also learning extremely effective and practical Street self-defence techniques. Emphasis with training at the Academy is on training in a friendly, enjoyable, positive atmosphere that encourages confidence building and rapid learning. Many women and girls participate for all of the above reasons and the Academy has both ladies only and mixed Thai Boxing classes available. To check out the times for the numerous classes we have available at our Christchurch kickboxing school click through to our timetable here.

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However, whether you want to train for fitness, confidence, development, stress or weight reduction, self defense or competition the techniques you are taught are the same.

You can be assured that you will learn authentic, effective and powerful Muay Thai when you train at the Academy; not a watered down version, with no understanding of the real technique, as used in many places that are satisfying the latest fitness craze! For those interested in competition the Academy has a very successful competition history, having produced several national champions both male and female, an Australasian champion and one world champion.

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Benefits & Advantages of Training Muay Thai Kickboxing at the Academy of Combat:

  • Training in Muay Thai kickboxing will develop your confidence so that you can better handle any situation life throws at you.
  • Muay Thai kickboxing training will also reduce stress; you'll notice increased energy through being more relaxed throughout your daily life.
  • Manage your weight while learning a skill that will improve strength and overall fitness.
  • Unparalleled for self defense, Thai Kickboxing training will enable you to handle any thug or bully.
  • Dr Geoff Aitken, Chief instructor at the Academy of Combat pioneered kickboxing and Muay Thai in the South Island and has over 30 years experience training and coaching Muay Thai.
  • One of the most respected Muay Thai kickboxing schools in New Zealand, with a depth of knowledge and experience unmatched in the South Island.
  • The main focus at the Academy is teaching high quality technique so that the student gets a full understanding of the concepts, principles and techniques of Muay Thai kickboxing.
  • Extremely knowledgeable and experienced instructors; many trained extensively and fought in New Zealand and Thailand
  • Training mentors and Thai training camps include: Kru Yod, Sidyodtong; Ajharn Chai Surisute; Lolo Heimule (Balmoral, Auckland); Tiger Muay Thai.
  • A member of the NZ Thai Boxing Association and members are able to train in any Muay Thai school throughout NZ, or the world, with confidence that they are learning real Muay Thai.
  • The Academy is kept up to date with the latest Muay Thai techniques with our students and instructors traveling overseas to Thailand to train at various training camps.

What is Muay Thai?

Muay Thai also known as Thai Boxing, and often in the West as Thai Kickboxing. Modern Thai Boxing is a martial art and method of self-defense that uses fists, elbows, knees and legs to strike with. In addition clinching and throwing of the opponent is utilised. The art is practiced for competition throughout the world and taught as an extremely efficient and practical self-defense system.

Thai Boxing has become a worldwide competitive sport, with competitions using either full Thai rules in which all the strikes are permitted or modified rules as in K1 competition, in which use of elbows is not permitted and full use of clinching is restricted. Events are extremely popular in Europe, Australasia and the United States attracting huge crowds. In addition to being extremely effective for self-defense, Muay Thai has huge benefits for fitness and health.